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I am a shadow work guide, somatic coach, author, vulnerability warrior, and co-founder of Earth Connect. My mission is to highlight the mechanisms of our unconscious and the ways unresolved stress and trauma are stored in our bodies, creating painful armor and holding patterns. I intend to bring awareness to the way we view our bodies and how this affects the way we live in the world. I am passionate about generating meaningful discussion around somatics and how body-mind integration connects us to the greater body in which we all exist—earth. Through writing, one-on-one sessions, leading nature walks, and my work at Earth Connect, I empower others to look at this in their own lives and to change the conversation we all are having with each other and with nature.


“By focusing on our human bodies as the vehicle through which we experience ourselves and the world around us, we learn to value the earth equally to the self. Thus, the perspective is anthropocentric (human-centered) and ecocentric (earth-centered). The body and earth are complex and profoundly interconnected entities developed through billions of years of evolutionary process. Our task is to develop a dialogue with this inherent intelligence—to learn to attend. By enhancing active awareness of our bodies and the places we live, we deepen our engagement in the intricate and delightful universe we inhabit.”

—Andrea Olsen, Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide